3531 Town Center Blvd, S. Ste 101
Sugar Land, TX 77479

Internal Medicine, Primary Care Physician


Dr. Aman Jafar is an internal medicine and primary care physician.
Treating patients in Southwest Houston & Sugar Land.

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Dr. Aman Jafar, is an internal medicine, primary care physician in Sugar Land, Texas. He has over 20 years of experience
in the medical field. As a family doctor and primary care physician, he is able to provide and diagnose each individual’s health
related issues thoroughly. Dr. Jafar is affiliated with various medical facilities as well as hospitals such as
Chi. St. Lukes Sugar Land hospital, Methodist Sugar Land hospital,  
West Houston Medical center, Kindred Sugar Land hospital and Encompass Sugar Land Healthcare hospital.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Dr. Jafar accepts patients starting from ages 16yrs and up.

Dr. Jafar accepts appointments on the same day as well as walk-ins are welcome on a daily basis.

Yes, Dr. Jafar accepts new patients on the same day, call directly to the office for same day appointments.

Yes, you can make a same day appointment online if available with Dr. Jafar or Nurse Practitioners. It’s simple, secure, and free. Click on any book appointment button on the website or go to the contact us page.

Dr. Jafar is affiliated with Sugar Land Geriatrics and Medical Associates along with Chi. St Lukes Sugar Land Hospital, Methodist Sugar Land Hospital,  West Houston Medical Center, Kindred Sugar Land Hospital, and Encompass Sugar Land Healthcare Hospital.

Dr. Jafar’s office is located at: 3531 Town Center Blvd, S. Ste 101, Sugar Land, TX 77479.
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Dr. Jafar is an internal medicine and primary care physician who sees patients for all health related issues. From common cold to chronic illnesses, as well as providing annual physical exams.

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Excellent doctor!!! Dr. Jafar is one of a few caring doctors left. He listens and helps you understand the issue at hand.

Rosalind Alvarez

Actual Patient Reviews

Very caring very nice take care of you and your paper work clean.. atmosphere also.

Wynette Bennett


3531 Town Center Blvd, S. Ste 101,
Sugar Land, TX 77479




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